Who Is Novus Insight?

Novus Insight emerged 10 years ago from the IT department at the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit headquartered in East Hartford, CT that serves nonprofits, municipalities, and schools. We started as just a managed IT service provider, but frequent client demand for data assistance led to the addition of a small application development team. Since then, we have evolved into a 50+ employee technology & data services firm with offices in CT and Jacksonville, FL, and a growing list of clients around the country.

We Know Nonprofits

Novus has been immersed in the nonprofit sector for over 10 years, providing technology advice and services to not only our parent company – a 501 (c)(3) – but to dozens of social services organizations in CT and around the U.S. We have a deep understanding of how nonprofits operate and what their key struggles are. This includes challenges tied to managing critical data.

Nonprofits Struggle With Data

As part of a non-profit ourselves, we are keenly aware of the negative impact that poor data literacy and data management can have on organizations. We regularly see how software is acquired, deployed and used, and why problems arise because of it. Nonprofits really need the right type of help in this area, and they largely aren’t getting it. In response, we formed a data consulting & application development team several years back.

The human services sector needs data help. Integrated data systems have to be part of the solution.

Output ≠ Outcome

Many human services organizations have become proficient at measuring and reporting output, but most are terrible at accurately measuring outcomes. Data is routinely collected but confidence is sorely lacking in knowing what to do with it. It allows for nice stories to be told, but the ability to quantify program impact by tying results directly to services provided is missing. This isn’t good enough anymore for funders, and addressing this deficiency is why Novus was asked by a funder in 2016 to build what amounts to an integrated data system.

Software Should Enable, Not Confine

One reason the human services sector is technologically stuck in neutral is because of the limitations of commercially packaged software, or the expensive licensing that comes with it. Too often, the software doesn’t align with how organizations operate and how people actually work. Our focus is developing software that addresses an organization’s specific needs but is reusable, a highly configurable system whose underlying structure is the same for all organizations using it. This is the core design tenet of Altrulink.