A web-based solution for collecting data & tracking outcomes

Automating Intake

A web-based software framework built on open-source technology designed to facilitate complex data storage and aggregation needs.

Program Management

The Altrulink system is designed for managing programs, within a single organization or across multiple organizations.

Standardized Reporting

Altrulink’s centralized database aggregates data on a per participant basis, and allows for easily generated ad-hoc reporting on any data point.

Dynamically scale systems, processes and programs without expensive customization

Workflow Automation

Altrulink digitizes repetitive tasks to reduce paperwork and process bottlenecks, and to eliminate unnecessary human involvement. Workflows are created quickly and modified just as easily.

Case Management

With a focus on tracking and reporting the results of client interactions, the system is intended to appeal to organizations for which outcomes measurement is a core strategy to achieving their mission.

Participant Referrals

Any program participant and all of their related data can be referred to another active program and then easily tracked and managed.

Forms and Data Made Accessible

External Integration

Altrulink’s flexible, open architecture promotes easy integration with various external data sources, such as Power BI to perform advanced data analytics. The import and export of .CSV files is fully supported and includes the ability to dynamically create a new intake form from an imported file.

Form development

With just a small amount of training, administrators can create intelligent forms that capture participant’s demographic and program-specific data in a standardized way. The tool is dynamic and completely customizable by the user, with features including validation options, conditional logic, and integration with custom data sets.

Participant Portal

Altrulink gives participants the capability to interact with the system and do things such as submit demographic information, upload documents, update program-specific information, and grant or rescind permission for an organization to see their data.

Built in security features for controlling data access and tracking changes

Privacy and Security

Within our secure hosting environment, we exercise full separation between collected participant data and program data, with the ability to detach participants from a subscribed program to allow for complete record anonymization.

Permissions Management

Altrulink provides elaborate but reliable control over users, accommodating a variety of both simple and complex permission sets. Administrators have the ability to manage different organizations and users within those organizations, granting permissions at the organization, program, group and user level.

Activity Logging

All interactions including name, organization, date/time stamp, and changes made by all users within the system are logged. A full audit trail is available to detail every action performed by users over time.

Frequently Asked Questions