What makes an integrated data system worth having?

Intake automation

A software framework designed to simplify information collection and automate how the data gets integrated with existing workflows and other systems.

Program Management

Designed to make program administration much easier and significantly improve visibility of participant activity within a single entity or across multiple organizations.

ad hoc Reporting

A database design that enables users to generate as many ad hoc reports and custom dashboard views as they want, with no data skills required.

Improve existing systems and business processes without expensive customization

Workflow Automation

Digitize repetitive tasks to eliminate paper, reduce process bottlenecks, and eliminate unnecessary human error. Create and modify your workflows quickly and easily.

Case Management

Measure outcomes in more meaningful ways through quality data collection and coordinated sharing with other program administrators or partner organizations.

Participant Referral

Clients and all their information can be referred to another program or organization. Activity can then be easily tracked and the data jointly managed.

ease data collection and integration with other systems

Application integration

A platform designed to ease integration with other data sources, regardless of whether or not a published and supported API is available.

Form development

User-friendly and completely customizable, a full-featured system that allows a non-data expert to create sophisticated forms. Supports ability to dynamically create forms from imported files in various formats.

Participant Portal

Gives clients the capability to submit demographic data, upload documents, update information, grant or rescind authority to see their personal data, and perform other permission-dependent tasks.

Control user activity and access to your data

Privacy and Security

A shared responsibility model. Hosted in a highly-secure Amazon Web Services cluster and managed by software-based security tools Novus endorses that monitor and protect the flow of your data within the AWS cloud.

Permissions Management

Sophisticated controls over user activity to accommodate a wide range of permission requirements. Administrators can manage users within or across organizations, limiting visibility and access down to the level of individual data fields, if needed.

Activity Logging

All user interactions with the system are logged and time-stamped. A full audit trail is available in real-time that details every action performed by any user over an unlimited period of time.

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