Who We Are

Novus got its start as the IT department at the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit headquartered in East Hartford, CT. We began as just a managed IT service provider for other nonprofits, municipalities, and schools. Here, we witnessed first-hand the frequent need these organizations had for help with data problems that were impacting their crucial operations. This is what led us to form a data solutions team and expand the company’s focus. Over a decade later, Novus has evolved into a technology, cybersecurity and data services firm with over 50 employees at locations in CT and Jacksonville, FL.

We Know Nonprofits

Novus has worked very closely with  nonprofits for over 10 years. It allows us an up-close look at the struggles they regularly face with managing critical data – struggles that lead to being able to easily and effectively measure the outcomes and overall impacts of the important work they do within our communities.

Collecting, aggregating, integrating, and reporting data are internal challenges where nonprofits need the most support. Externally, an expanded set of challenges emerge.  Securely sharing and integrating the data with partners and their systems adds significant complexity.

The Altrulink platform is our solution for helping nonprofits solve these data management issues and operate more efficiently.

We know Data

Nonprofits, municipalities, and schools are commonly impacted by low data literacy levels and the inefficient handling of data that results. They need help from knowledgeable sources who understand their day-to-day world and who invest the time to understand what meaningful changes they want to make.

As a purpose-driven business, Novus is committed to assisting clients with improving how they manage and secure their most important data. Our goal is to serve not only as a trusted technology advisor but also a provider of solutions that positively impact the communities being represented.

If your organization needs to make better use of the data you collect, Novus’ Altrulink platform is worth a look at to see exactly how it’s done. Helping turn the managing of data from a liability it is now for most organization into a valuable and transformational asset is ultimately our mission.

Novus did an exceptional job coming through for us on such a tight schedule. They’re one of the most capable technology organizations we’ve have had the pleasure of working with. They delivered.

American Printing House for the Blind (Louisville, KY)

Outputs ≠ Outcomes

Many nonprofits are proficient at reporting outputs but fall short when it comes to accurately measuring outcomes.

Outputs are quantitative – metrics associated with numbers and counts. They are the most straightforward data to collect and report.

Outcomes are qualitative – metrics associated with changes in behavior or attitude. Outcomes are a much better indicator of program impact than outputs are, which is why more and more funders are insisting on outcome data from grantees.

This is where Altrulink can come in. The need for better collection of qualitative data is a major reason Novus developed Altrulink. We listened to one after another funder conclude that existing tools and processes were not delivering the quality of data they expect from grantees (many of whom are Novus IT support clients).

Software enablement, Not Confinement

One reason organizations struggle with data is their use of commercially packaged software to handle unique business process requirements. This is software designed for the masses and often not readily adaptable to how individuals actually work.

The other side of the spectrum is custom-developed software that can deliver the exact functionality needed but is usually unaffordable by budget-strapped organizations.

Novus sought to design a solution that falls in between commercial-off-the-shelf and custom built from the ground up – Altrulink. It is highly configurable, easily reusable software whose underlying structure is the same for all organizations using it. Importantly, Altrulink is also built to support integrations with everything from modern-designed data sources to legacy applications where no API exists.