Why Choose AltruLink

A powerful, simple, integrated data management
platform that just works.

AltruLink is designed to streamline how your organization collects, processes, reports, and shares critical data – all with a focus on integrating how you work.​ From migration to integration, AltruLink connects your programs, people, and data to eliminate data silos.

All of your data in one powerful platform.

An All-In-One

Organizations use AltruLink as their entire integrated data system, or use it to connect multiple critical systems – and anything in between.


No one integrates like AltruLink. We can work with almost any API and we can implement custom processes where necessary.

A Single,
Searchable Database

All organization data is stored and easily searchable in a single, relational database – notes, documents, contact information, any type of data.

Improve, then automate your processes.

Intake, Insight,

Use AltruLink across the data continuum or just a single part of the journey.

Multiply your workforce with smart AI.

Empower your team to do more & focus on your mission.

Into Impact

AltruLink helps you tell your story with your data. This is so important when it comes to stoking funder involvement, employee interest, and actionable information.

A custom, secure, & compliant solution.

A Dedicated,
Committed Team

We care deeply about helping nonprofits achieve important goals. This starts with understanding how you work, what your key processes are, and where your main data challenges lie. It’s the only way to make software function exactly how you need it to.

Our Unique

We are not just software developers. We are passionate about real-world process improvement. We know how much staff have to resort to working in spreadsheets – outside of core systems – to get their job done. We include all of those steps in our solutions.

Secure &

We have cybersecurity experts on staff who guide us on development best practices, secure and resilient hosting, biannual penetration testing, and SOC2 compliance readiness. We are ready for the ever-changing landscape of security needs for our clients.

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