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School Choice Innovation
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Discover a data platform perfectly designed for managing school choice programs. One that is affordable, secure, highly reliable, supported by the people who designed it, and the most self-serviceable data system available.

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Why Districts and Schools Select Novus Choice

Features & Functionality

The list of standard features available for collecting, processing, integrating and reporting enrollment data exceeds what any other service provider offers, even in their “premium” packages.

Complete Customization

You define how collecting applications, running lotteries, managing waitlists, registering students, and SIS integration should work. The system adheres exactly to your process requirements.

Exceptional Reporting

School staff and administrators have long clamored for this type of advanced reporting & data visualization capability. Virtually any type of report and view of  the data can easily be self-created.


Finally, a system so self-serviceable that administrators can make 99% of changes that would otherwise have to be made for them. Districts can become as self-sufficient as they want at whatever pace is most comfortable.

Organizational Stability

The same people who designed and built Novus Choice over 10 years ago are still the ones enhancing and supporting it today. Our clients have experienced none of the disruption that comes with mergers and change in ownership.


Fast, competent assistance and consistent follow-through have been hallmarks of the Novus Choice service since it was introduced in 2012. For all clients, we continue to operate under a standard of same-day response and resolution.

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The Parent Experience

When enrolling a child in school, parents want simplicity, clarity, and reliability. Districts can achieve some of this through good policies and procedures, but technology has to account for the rest. A quality partner is critical.

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Form Automation

Quickly design even sophisticated application, registration and other types of forms with no technical skills required. Incorporate workflows in minutes and leverage Novus Choice’s architecture to integrate with SIS and other systems in less time.

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Substantial flexibility is available to communicate & collaborate with parents, school staff, grant writers, 3rd party marketers, or funders. There are virtually no limitations on how information can be securely shared once it’s collected.

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Lotteries & Waitlists

We design lotteries and waitlists in complete accordance with District requirements. Whatever logic is needed can be accommodated, as can workflow integration and parent communication. The entire process is customizable.

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Data Integrity

Every action taken in the system by a user or administrator is captured and visible in an activity log. A great tool for quickly addressing parent or auditor inquiries about even the smallest detail tied to application, lottery or waitlist activity.

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The platform is designed as a middleware engine to facilitate automated data exchange with SIS platforms, GIS platforms, the USPS address database, Google Maps, single sign on software, and a limitless number of 3rd party data sources.

Novus Choice Pricing

Software & Expert Guidance Combined

Pairing a customizable data platform with Novus’ school choice expertise

1. Platform Service Fee


  • One school through district-wide coverage

  • ​Year-round administrator support

  • Ongoing administrator training (new & refresher)

  • Running lotteries

  • Platform hosting & maintenance 

  • Implementing minor change requests

Starting at:

$500 per month*

2. Implementation Fee


  • Detailed requirements assessment

  • Process and workflow analysis

  • Branding the site per district requirements

  • Design, configuration, and customization

  • Creation of district-specific training materials

  • Testing, training, and onboarding

Starting at:

$6,000 one-time

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*With annual commitment. A higher fee may be quoted based on customization requirements and size/complexity of your program. Prices subject to change without notice.

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