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Aggregating data is an essential first step in being able to analyze it accurately. Automating the process will save significant time that can be better spent on the analysis and subsequent actions taken based on it.

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The value of automating the aggregation of your data.

The advantage of AltruLink lies in the ability to Integrate with third party applications & data sources.

Unlike other platforms, AltruLink connects data across all of your software products and platforms. We create multidirectional data flows across your technology stack so you can gain more insight into your programs, cases, providers and organization as a whole.

All solutions, in one platform.

Simply put, all products are in one place and work together. AltruLink automates data collection, processing, and reporting – all with a focus on integrating how you work.

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Application List

One dashboard to manage all of your data.

Reporting is among the strongest facets of AltruLink. Users can easily generate their own ad hoc reports, share them with a single click, create an unlimited number of personalized dashboard views, and more. Exporting to CSV or PDF is also a single click, and for advanced users there are integrations available to data analysis apps like Power BI and Tableau.

Centralized data, one source of truth.

All case data is stored and easily searchable in a single database – notes, documents, contact information, any type of data. The platform is one source of truth when it comes to donors, constituents, volunteers, etc. Operate as one organization, with more business-like efficiency, instead of as independent sub-organizations.

Application List
Application List

Powerful but simple data visualization.

Visualize collected data in numerous ways, in seconds. You can create unlimited number of dashboards and other views – every user has their own. Share secure links to your report views with anyone inside or outside the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reporting is among the strongest facets of the AltruLink platform. In fact, many clients aggregate their data from multiple systems in AltruLink to leverage the reporting and data visualization capabilities. Users can easily generate their own ad hoc reports, share them with a single click, create an unlimited number of personalized dashboard views, and more. Exporting to CSV or PDF is also a single click, and for advanced users there are integrations available to data analysis apps like Tableau.
Yes. Workflow automation is another strong facet of the system, and integration with scheduling tools like Outlook is an included feature. Automating tasks and activities associated with a case is simple to implement, and there is no limit to how many different workflows or steps within a workflow can be built.
AltruLink is an extremely configurable platform, with flexibility being the core principle behind its design. The extent to which it can be configured to collect, process and report on data is usually only limited to one’s imagination. It is why client instances of the platform feel and function like custom developed software.
Permission levels are governed by establishing specific user groups and user profiles, and user access can be controlled down to the field level within forms. The system is quite flexible in terms of managing what each user can and cannot do. Multi-factor authentication and integration with single sign on tools and services are also options.
Yes, this is at the heart of what the system does best. It excels at the collection of client data, aggregating this data across each program a client interacts with, and reporting on it in most any way imaginable. Every modification to a client record is also logged and auditable, providing a complete client-level history of how the data has been managed.
Yes. In essence, they represent just another user whose actions are controlled by permission settings. You determine exactly what they can see and do, and every action they take once logged in is captured in detail.
AltruLink administrators are able to publish as much information as they’d like to make system use even simpler and more intuitive for users. The platform is designed with features that make embedding information easy, from video to tooltips. Some of this content is generic to the platform and is supplied by Novus. The rest of it is contextual to the client’s instance and needs to be created, maintained and updated by them.
Yes, quite a lot, including triggering capability that automates the sending of an email or text based on a specific event occurring or a change made to the database. For example: Send email to a pre-defined list of addresses once the number of clients assigned to a case manager reaches 20 and over 50% are less than 18 years old.
Yes, as long as there is technically a way to request data from or deliver data to the other source. A number of integration options exist to accomplish this. Even when there is no way to directly connect with the other data source, there are indirect methods to accomplish various forms of integration.
AltruLink was specifically designed for automating the intake process, integrating data from different sources, and providing actionable insights through our Link Reporting tool. During the initial setup we identify data points that are aligned with your goals and funder reporting requirements. We focus on illustrating measurable impact allowing your stories to shine through.
Our implementation team meets with key decision makers to understand existing operational processes and then customize our system to your goals all while incorporating key operational and data security safeguards. Our intent is to minimize disruption while we streamline workflows to maximize ease of use. The entire implementation process is transparent and iterative. We also provide initial and ongoing training to maximize your investment in the platform.
The system has a best-in-class security design and is being used by 100’s of organizations to collect, transmit, and store PHI, PII, financial and other sensitive data. The security model is a shared responsibility approach in which security roles & responsibilities are managed at 4 different levels, one of which is the client level. Beyond just the technical security measures in place, AltruLink leverages its cybersecurity expertise to provide clients with data governance and regulatory framework guidance (in the context of system configuration, deployment, and ongoing use). More security details can be viewed here: standard security measures.

We could have a basic system up and running within a week or two. Our platform is low code/no code and configures easily to even the most complex environments. The majority of time is typically spent in analyzing business processes, integrating or eliminate data silos, and how to effectively interpret and act on the data collected.

Yes, the system has strong and flexible integration capability. As a general statement, if your existing systems function well today on an independent basis, we can usually find ways to integrate them with AltruLink (and each other), even when APIs don’t exist.
During our assessment phase we would identify data-related gaps that exist between your current operating state and where you’d like to be. These gaps will reveal how the AltruLink system can serve as a complement to existing systems you have already invested in. Our goal is to streamline and create efficiencies – there are times we utilize existing systems– until the point we believe replacement has clear advantages and can be justified to you and your Board.

AltruLink should be viewed as a solution that sits in between off-the-shelf software (COTS) and fully custom developed platforms. AltruLink is highly configurable, flexible and expandable in ways that COTS almost never are. Due to this configurability and flexibility, along with the ability to expand functionality through simple coding, the end result is very much like custom-developed software – at significantly lower cost.

We recognize an IT team’s importance in managing an organization’s cloud and on-premise infrastructure where critical data resides. As an IT managed service provider, we handle this function for many organizations. Because AltruLink is a cloud-based web application, providing reliable access to it is a shared responsibility between Novus and our clients. Therefore, we try to align as closely as possible with IT staff.
From the standpoint of making sure users have reliable access to AltruLink, regardless of their location or device being using. AltruLink is then responsible for configuring the application, training admins and users, and providing ongoing support.
If the IT team is acting as data steward for the organization, then their responsibility for protecting data in the AltruLink system would be tied primarily to establishing rigor around user access and permissions. Physical protection and backing up of the data is Novus’ responsibility.
The system is designed to be very intuitive and easy to work with. Tech savviness is not a requirement to be comfortable navigating, establishing personalized dashboards, creating ad hoc reports, etc. – only a nominal amount of training is needed. From an administrator standpoint, experience and comfort working with data is a plus, but not essential for many use cases.
You own and have full control of your data in the system. You also determine how much or little you want Novus involved in configuring and maintaining your instance of the system. There are times that Novus plays a support-only role and you manage everything to do with the application on your own. For more detail on this issue, please refer to our Shared Responsibility Model.
Organizations with data collection, aggregation, reporting, and workflow problems that are causing daily pain and impacting strategic objectives. We’re not focused on helping with minor challenges that off-the-shelf software can likely address. We are interested in working with organizations that want transformative change to occur through the way they manage critical data.
AltruLink is software that is delivered and supported as a service, with consulting available to those who need it. Pricing is determined by the use case and other factors that contribute to the cost of providing high-quality ongoing support. These include number of users and administrators, usage frequency, an organization’s data literacy level, workflow complexity, and number/complexity of integrations. Except for a few small exceptions, the pricing starts at $500/month.
Yes. Most of our clients start out this way, usually with a single use case. It affords you the opportunity to evaluate what it’s like to work with us and whether the service + support are meeting expectations. It also allows us to gain an understanding of your support requirements and be in a better position to propose how to best move beyond the initial use case.
One of the strongest facets of AltruLink is its integration capabilities. It is where substantial ROI can be realized and where we focus a lot of attention in our assessments. We would likely not want to take you on as a client if the result was AltruLink becoming another data silo for your organization to manage.

Finally, data software & experts in one package.

Unlike many other companies that sell data software, we offer a complete solution that pairs our customizable data platform with our dedicated data experts.

1. Platform Fee


  • Unlimited Users
    Unlimited user access to the portal.
  • Unlimited Reporting
    Unlimied reporting and exporting from the platform.
  • Unlimited User Support
    Unlimited user support from our customer service team.
  • Unlimited Tech Support
    Unlimited technical support from our team of experts.

Starting at

$750 / month*

Subject to integration assessment.

2. Dedicated Data Experts


  • Needs Assessment
    We listen to understand the big picture, and how process can be improved.
  • Data Mapping & Analysis
    Our experts work with your team to build the data map.
  • Design & Configuration
    We work with you in an iterative software configuration to implement your business process.
  • Deployment & Success
    We work with your team to ensure successful implementation.
  • Team Training
    Unlimited team training hours.

Starting at

$2,900 one-time

Actual fee determined after assessment.

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*With annual commitment. Additional may be incurred depending on the customization and complexity of your program.
Prices subject to change without notice.

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