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We help improve the school choice process through better automation of application submission, lotteries, & enrollment management.

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Enhancing the enrollment experience through improved automation.

Since launching Novus Choice in 2012, we have been committed to improving education through school enrollment software solutions and consulting for private, parochial, and public schools. We are proud to have assisted school districts in Connecticut and other states in modernizing their enrollment processes.

Our solution is a highly configurable and flexible data platform that integrates with a school’s existing processes. Districts are already burdened enough by software that forces them to make disruptive process changes. We’ve never wanted to do that. We don’t want schools altering how they work in order to align with how our software functions.

Built by educators, for educators.

The best kept technology secret for student enrollment. Conceived by a former grade-school teacher, Enrollment Link was built by education experts with first-hand knowledge of school enrollment challenges.

Application List
Application List

Our people make the difference.

We know technology alone cannot solve school enrollment problems. The people behind the technology matter a lot. It’s why we provide clients with direct access to our team that built and maintains the Novus Choice platform.

We have deep expertise in school data management, application development, cybersecurity, process improvement, and cloud hosting.


  • Avoid dependence on vendors to administer and manage your important data day to day.
  • There is almost nothing that can’t be done by an administrator on this platform. Clients can opt to be as self-sufficient as they want.
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Application List


  • Create an unlimited number of ad hoc reports & dashboards, easily and without limits
  • Powerful searching, sorting, filtering, and exporting functionality
  • Click on any one of many visualization options without leaving the reporting grid


  • No-code/low-code, highly configurable design allows for a school-branded, “customized” look and feel
  • Take full control of the user experience you want parents and system administrators to have
  • Collect, process, report, & visualize data in almost any way
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Application List

Communication & Collaboration

  • Highly flexible notification & alerting capabilities
  • Trigger email or texts based on any event occurring within your data
  • Enable parent engagement at many levels and in ways not offered by other services

Form Building

  • Sophisticated design features, extremely flexible, unlimited formatting options, unlimited number of workflows that can be created, support for 25+ field types
  • Control individual user visibility and editing ability down to the field level
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Application List

Data Visualization

  • Visualize collected data in numerous ways, in seconds
  • Create an unlimited number of dashboards and other views – every user has their own
  • Share secure links to your report views with anyone inside or outside the organization

Highly Scalable

  • Built on top of a powerful business process automation platform, designed for optimizing how data is collected, processed, and reported
  • Hosted in a secure cloud environment, architected for high performance and scalability so that application volume or lottery processing speed is never a concern
Application List
Application List

10 years helping schools solve tough challenges.

Since 2012, we have helped school districts automate and better manage their application, lottery, and enrollment processes, through stellar support and creative deployment of technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Novus Insight emerged in 2010 from the IT department at the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, a nonprofit headquartered in East Hartford, CT. We started business operations as a managed IT service provider for the types of organizations that we know best – K-12 Education, nonprofits, and local government. Our philosophy was – and still is — to always do the right thing for clients, whatever it takes. Then, through strong relationships, business will flourish. Our employees are thrilled when they solve problems and help their clients. We don’t let anything get between our consultants and our clients and it is why client’s stay with us year after year and refer Novus to others.
We have been developing lottery software and running lotteries for private, parochial and public schools since 2012, initially as a joint venture with Goodwin College. Our approach is to integrate with your lottery process using software that is very flexible and customizable. We don’t want schools to have to alter their processes to fit our software.
Parents register online for a single sign-on account they can use to submit one or more applications for one or more children. Parents next fill out and submit applications online while the application period is open. A lottery is then run and generates a list of students randomly selected based on a school’s preference criteria and any other selection criteria. Also generated is a waiting list of students. Automated emails can be sent to all parents notifying them of their child’s placement or wait list rank. Selected applicants can accept or decline their seat online. When seats are declined and become available, wait list students are moved into the open seats and parents are notified via email. Alternatively, if the district desires, wait lists can be made available for parents.
Yes, the system is designed for flexibility in a way that allows for various forms of customization without a considerable amount of work. This gives schools their own look, feel and functionality at an affordable price.
Filling out and submitting an application typically takes about 10 minutes. Running a lottery takes no more than a few minutes once everything is set up.

No, the system was designed to be used and managed by non-technically savvy people. The large majority of lottery administrators we currently support are non-technical.

Yes, it is one of the strongest facets of the system. Instant, ad-hoc reporting on all of the demographic data is available, and there are no additional fees tied to reporting.

The Novus Choice help desk is located in East Hartford, CT and is co-located with the Novus Choice development team. All administrative and technical support requests are addressed and assigned the same day, and the large majority of these are worked on and resolved within a few hours. Personal and highly responsive support is something that differentiates us from most other school lottery service providers.

On a redundant database cluster within the Novus private cloud (3 physically separate data centers). All application data is backed up twice a day, and system availability has consistently been 99.99% for a number of years.

Every action from a parent or administrator is logged and auditable. The system is completely transparent from an audit perspective. Also, all logging data is backed up daily and archived indefinitely.

Yes, the system includes a sophisticated but user-friendly form developer that can be used to replicate your paper registration forms or customize new ones. Information from the application prefills fields in the registration form, and parents can submit the form online. Data from the registration form can then be exported in a format that can easily be imported by a school information system.

Finally, data software & experts in one package.

Unlike many other companies that sell data software, we offer a complete solution that pairs our customizable data platform with our dedicated data experts.

1. Platform Fee


  • Single or Multiple School Support
    Automate enrollment at a single location or across an entire district.

  • ​Administrator Support
    Full support for one or many school administrators.

  • Multiple Application Types & Workflows
    Ability to support highly complex use cases.

  • Team Training Hours Included
    Training and support from enrollment experts.

Starting at

$500 / month*

2. Dedicated Data Experts


  • Needs Assessment
    Thorough assessment of enrollment data needs.

  • Process Analysis
    Analysis of enrollment-related processes & workflows.

  • Design & Configuration
    Customized platform design & configuration based on your requirements.

  • Deployment & Success
    Solution deployment resulting in your satisfaction.

Starting at

$2,900 one-time

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*With annual commitment. Additional may be incurred depending on the customization and complexity of your program.
Prices subject to change without notice.

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